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Fluently Legal – a new concept in legal English learning

Fluently Legal is a new concept in learning legal English. It’s doubly innovative: not only are courses specifically designed for the needs of German legal professionals, they are also fully online.

Fluently Legal courses include English that can be accurately used with the German legal system. All materials also take German and Anglo-American law into account so you not only learn legal English, but English that you can use to accurately explain and describe German law in your work as a legal professional in Germany.

Fluently Legal courses take place completely in an online e-learning format so you can study and complete them at your own convenience. They make use of latest learning management software and thus incorporate interactive media. They are divided into modules which can be worked through at your own pace. Read more.

Learn legal English with Fluently Legal

  • Increase your vocabulary
  • Explain legal concepts in English
  • Identify misunderstandings
  • Write effective business letters and emails
  • Reading and writing practice
  • Avoid false friends and 'Denglish'


New for May 2022: English for Legal Assistants trial version is now open!

Meet the instructor

Tim Titchener MA MCIL BDÜ

Course designer and author
Tim Titchener is an English legal translator and linguist based in Düsseldorf.  His specialisms include teaching English for the legal professions in Germany and legal English in non-English speaking legal systems.

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